Why Pharmacy Technician?

I graduated with a college degree in the Philippines and when I moved here I was able to use it on my first job but after I got pregnant and gave birth, I decided to quit my job and be a stay at home mom for a while. Unfortunately, during the times that I was out of job, recession took place which made it harder for me to go back to work since lots of people were laid off especially from my previous employer. When you look for a job opening even a entry level position, you will be competing with overqualified applicants desperate to get a job since they were laid off. So, my chance to go back working got slimmer and dimmer. It's not totally zero opportunity but a lot of considerations were made, the compensation is not enough to pay for gas, daycare, car maintenance, insurance. In addition, the effort, time and distance which will take away my time for my son, not worth it. Todate, economy is still struggling but at least my little boy is into school now and he doesn't need that much assistance, that's why I decided to go back to school now or never. I thought of taking a different path, healthcare. I got interested in pharmacy over the other short courses because of my mom. She has hypertension, type 2 diabetes and oftentinmes brought to the hospital. Then I learned that from time to time, her medicines were replaced because she always have some side effects such as the allergy, coughing, constipation, dizziness which she thought were another illness. One day, I googled for the medicine that she's taking and I read something about the ace inhibitors adverse effects such as coughing, dizziness and headache. My mom thought she might have problems with her lungs  because of her coughing so she went to have chest x-ray which turned negative. Now, she knows that these coughing, allergy, sneezing are part of the effects of those drugs that she's taking. From then on, I got curious especially when I learned about the case of my father in law who's taking 10 pills per meal, I can imagine the interactions of those drugs. Before I attended my class, I learned that drug manufacturers initially know few side effects of their product, it's the patient / consumer who gives feedback that cause them to relabel their product to add warnings and to recall some. So, with that I thought I should know more about these drugs interaction and if generics are effective as the branded. This curiosity led me to take Pharmacy Technician.


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